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Q: Are there any other costs than those advertised?

The annual price you see is what you pay, however, if you require any other services e.g. writing content, logo design, they are chargeable at £30 per hour.

Q: Can I buy the site at a later date?

Yes, anything is possible. Remember though, you will be faced with annual hosting and domain charges. The beauty of our subscription service is that you will never see these, they're included.

Q: Can I upgrade once I've bought my site?

Yes, of course. Simply pay the difference between the two packages and we'll make sure your package is updated immediately. 

Q: Do you teach me how to use your system?

Yes, as part of your deal we show you how the CMS works. It doesn't take long as the system is very simple to use. From June we will be holding regular training in Wokingham, not just for website holders, but for anyone who wishes to see how our sites work.

Q: How do I get a Smart Site?

Simply fill in the form on the "Get a Site" page and pay your first annual payment by PayPal. We will contact you regarding colours, logos and look and feel required. We have received two Golden Web Awards in the past, so are qualifies to produce sites that fit the bill.

Q: How often can I have a design change?

Design changes are charged at £60. You can change design as often as you wish.

Q: Why should I use your Smart Site software and not Wordpress or Joomla?

Wordpress and Joomla were the main reasons we produced our software. Our sites are designed in ASP which is a very secure language and all plugins are exclusive to us, so no aspects of our system are open to hacker intervention. We believe Smart Site CMS is the simplest system to use and the most secure. Our sites use a MSSql database, it's fast, secure and very robust. A pretty impressive piece of infostructure!

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