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No time or inclination to learn how to use your site?

Best Website Design and Web Services in Somerset

Why you choose website design in Somerset or Berkshire? Generally, when a modern CMS website is delivered, you the owner will be shown how to update it. If you are looking to find someone to add or change details on your site, we are able to help with our Somerset Web Services.

Our basic "Smart microSite" - 5 pages and a contact form generally costs just £25 per month, an absolute bargain in anyones book when you've seen the design and the bespoke CMS (content management system) behind the design. From a further £40 per month, we can do all the updates you need and even format the text to suit search engines. You get two hours of our time with extra time charged at just £25 per hour.

So whether you want to take full control of have a marketer take care of your online presence, we have the answer.