Why choose us?

Why choose us? | Smart Web Choice

Smart Web Choice have been providing professional web solutions since the year 2000 website solutions for a wide client base with customers located across the globe.

Our experience covering design, development, marketing and brand presence means you can be confident in the right advice and the best experience for you personally and your business, and we have been the recipients of three design awards.

A website isn't just a site

Many design companies have a consistent habit of only talking to you during the design process, once finished you can often be on your own. With Smart Web Choice we believe or customers deserve more. Notwithstanding our website rental arm (which keeps us both focussed and honest), we feel that the client-supplier bond needs to be strong, and sites must be professional, look stunning but it also needs to be reliable, upgradable, flexible, secure, easy to use and super fast.

Sustainable & green

With a website from Smart Web Choice you can be assured you are doing the very best to limit the footprint of your website and the services it consumes. From advanced features ensuring the physical space they consume is low, technology that ensures they use the least amount of memory and processing power, to compression so they can be sent from server to browser using the least amount of services and electricity.

Truly fair pricing and speedy service

Unlike many we do not have hidden fees, we do not subsidise services and we only ever offer truly competitive solutions to our clients. Every solution is developed in house, our custom design service is just that (no third party designs, apps or themes) and we guarantee to match or better any like for like quotation.

As can be expected with our vast experience, we have developed some truly streamlined and efficient services which means we can put together your website solution in the quickest time possible without compromising on quality or the features you need and expect.

How quickly of course depends on your requirements and how quick you are able to provide all the information we need, however a typical website from the ground up can be completed within as little as 2 – 4 days.

Future proofed & Secure

We believe it is important you are not held hostage to fortune due to changes in how browsers work, operating systems and of course the World Wide Web so our website solutions are purposely built with the ability to be upgraded free as and when we issue an update. If your website is looking a little outdated or you simply need a fresh look you can quickly and easily switch to a new design please call us for an informal chat.

Our software solutions automatically encrypt sensitive data before it is stored to Government level encryption and all of our solutions are rigorously tested for security standards.